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Kendo, the Way of the Sword is the exhilarating and demanding art of Japanese fencing rooted in the traditions of Budo, the Martial Way.

Iaido, classical Japanese swordsmanship, is the companion martial art to Kendo. The Iaido practitioner learns how to use the Japanese sword (katana) in all situations through the intense practice of Iaido forms (kata). The curriculum is All Japan Kendo Federation Seitei Iai and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai-jutsu.

The Bloomington Normal Kendo club was founded by Mr. Shoji Sakai of Mitsubishi Motors in 1993. With only a handful of followers he began to teach kendo in his spare time with the help of his sons. Practice soon became a larger following with more eager to learn students joining the club once the word spread. Since its inception the Bloomington kendo club has had three Sensei (instructors) and has held practice in various places throughout Bloomington Normal community area. New students are welcome.

Currently practice is held at 510 E. Washington Room 215 in Bloomington, 61701 Effective June 7, 2015 we will be moving to the Salvation Army Community Center at 611 west Washington bloomington IL, 61701